Is a user-friendly TV promo scheduling tool. Leveraging advanced optimization and sequencing algorithms, the tool optimizes and automates the process making it easy for broadcasters to manage, report performance, and gain maximum utilization from each promo campaign.

Reach Optimal Ratings for Each Promo Campaign

To ensure best usage of the available inventory, the PromoOptimizer schedules all campaigns simultaneously. It does so by considering inventory availability, conversion index for each break, and rating goals set for each promo campaign.

Schedule 100% of Available Promo Air Time

The optimization and sequencing algorithm aims to fill every last available inventory allowed for promos. Consequently, broadcasters won't have to spend time on filling empty schedule time manually. The system will never over run a break, and will only under run if there are no allowed promos available to schedule in the remaining airtime.

Automatic Promo Scheduling

The automated promo optimization process eliminates the current practice of having to schedule and slot every single promo spot manually. The PromoOptimizer takes the hassle out of manually having to consider restrictions, rules and "look and feel" requirements. Once a promo campaign is defined and setup, the program automatically schedules while taking all other campaigns into account.

Automatic Promo Sequencing

A tailor-made sequencing algorithm ensures, that scheduled promos within any given break, are sequenced according to any custom wishes. The aim is to create a schedule similar to the manually created rules applied today. Hence our sequencer will take any business rule imposed today and integrate these into our sequencing logic.

Promo Reporting

Information contained is reported live in standardized reports. Any single campaign change (or manual change to the output) is automatically reported in a set of fixed reports.

Using 'Gold Standard Ratings'

PromoOptimizer is fully integrated with the AdvantEdge© rating engine, and therefore TAM data in relevant countries. The system computes Gold Standard Ratings without the need to import any ratings files. This allows PromoOptimizer to do automated calculations of break estimates, monitoring of the ongoing campaign performance, and calculating advanced end-of-campaign reporting – including R&F calculations.

Integrate to any Broadcast Management System

A set of fixed import / export files will secure a stabile interface between the PromoOptimizer and any scheduling, traffic, transmission, channel and broadcast management system on the market.