Is an advanced automated reporting product, designed for measuring the true effect of a broadcaster's promo campaign. The report calculates sophisticated cross dimensional reach and rating percentages - revealing measurable insights to how successful a promo campaign was historically.

Save Time

Determining a promo campaigns effect can take hours when doing multiple cross dimensional calculations through a tool like AdvantEdge. i2's PromoReporting tool automates this process while cutting calculation time down to just minutes. The reporting tool is customizable and can be tailored to suit whatever calculations a broadcaster would find useful.

Reveal Promo Campaigns Effect

Gives broadcasters the power to go "back in time" to see which promo campaigns were most successful. Pickup learning's and apply them to make even more successful promo campaigns today.

Campaign & Programme Deliveries

- Index against base target
- Days on air (in campaign period)
- Planned GRP
- Reach ('000 & %)
- Average frequency
- Over / under delivery
- GRP delivery (un-weighted & duration weighted)

Compare promo campaign against all promos delivered in same period. Purpose being to see reach effectiveness

- All Promos GRP Delivery
- All Promos Reach ('000 & %)
- All Promos GRP VS. Campaign GRP
- All Promos reach VS. campaign reach

Measuring conversion rate between a promo campaign and its promoted program

- Promo viewers converted into program viewers (‘000 & %)
- Promo viewers not converted into program viewers (‘000 & %)
- Non promo viewers who watched the program (‘000 & %)
- Effect ratio (of converted viewers)

Benchmark against a random selection of spots, satisfying the same GRP delivery as the real campaign. Purpose is, to test how well a campaign strategy was, compared to a situation where all promos were placed randomly

- Campaign conversion (‘000 & %)
- Campaign reach ('000 & %)
- Viewers drawn from promo (‘000 & %)
- Viewers watching programme regardless of promo campaign (‘000 & %)
- Campaign uplift from random benchmark

Using 'Gold Standard Ratings'

PromoReporting is fully integrated with the AdvantEdge© rating engine, and therefore TAM data in relevant countries. The system computes Gold Standard Ratings without the need to import any ratings files. This allows PromoOptimizer to do automated calculations of break estimates, monitoring of the ongoing campaign performance, and calculating advanced end-of-campaign reporting – including R&F calculations.